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Newsletter September 2011

NEXTERION Newsletter High Sensitivity Slides

High Sensitivity Microarray Slides - NEXTERION® HiSens
  • Benefits of NEXTERION® HiSens Slides
  • NEXTERION® HiSens / Sensovation FLAIR® Application Note
  • NEXTERION® HiSens Peer Reviewed Publications
  • NEXTERION® HiSens Coating is Patent Protected
  • Special NEXTERION® HiSens Offer
  • NEXTERION® conference and exhibition program

Newsletter May 2011

NEXTERION Newsletter May 2011

Nitrocellulose Special
  • Nitrocellulose slides move from the R&D lab and into clinical research
  • New method to improve s/n ratios on nitrocellulose slides
  • Interesting research published using NEXTERION® nitrocellulose slides
  • NEXTERION® conference and exhibition program
  • Reverse phase protein array workshop 10-11 october Houston, Tx
  • Enhanced barcodes on all schott NEXTERION® microarray slides

Newsletter February 2011

NEXTERION Newsletter February 2011
Link to newsletter February 2011

  • Contract Printing Feature
  • Conference and Exhibition calendar
  • Winner of contest

Newsletter October 2010

SCHOTT Nexterion Newsletter October 2010
Download newsletter October 2010

  • Low-Density Microarrays with ampliPHOX™ Colorimetric Detection based on Nexterion® Slide AL
  • Antigen Arrays using APiX Chromogenic Detection System on Nexterion® Slide NC-N
  • New products - Nexterion® nitrocellulose coated plates in MTP format and incubation chamber
  • Conference and exhibition calendar
  • Nexterion® publication list
  • Nexterion® on Facebook and Twitter

Newsletter May 2010

Download Newsletter May 2010

  • Updated Nexterion® citation list
  • Promega develops a customized Nexterion® Slide H
  • New Nexterion® products
  • Conference and exhibition calendar

Newsletter May 2009

  • OEM coated coverslips
  • Diagnostic microarray based applications
  • News and Exhibition calendar
  • Competition

Newsletter September 2008

  • New Aminosilane Slide
  • Protein Microarrays
  • Antibody arrays
  • News and Exhibition calendar
  • Competition

Newsletter September 2007

  • Short Profile Director of R&D and Tech support
  • Nitrocellulose Slides
  • Customized solutions
  • Application report: Nexterion 70mer Kit
  • News and Exhibition calendar

Newsletter September 2006

  • SCHOTT Profile Sales and Tech Support North America
  • Comarative Genomic Hybridization
  • New low evaporation spotting buffer
  • News and Exhibition calendar

Newsletter March 2006

  • Nexterion® HiSens Slides
  • Microplates for arraying
  • New product developments
  • Tech support in focus
  • New production facility short history
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