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Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2016
Lithium – in greater demand than ever
Due to the importance of electromobility the demand and the price of lithium are rising.
Outdoor fireplace
An outdoor fireplace equipped with SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing window improves the ­quality of life for activities in the open air.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2015
Angular design is very popular
The results of a study show that fireplace enthusiasts are willing to spend more to buy an angular bent viewing panel made of one piece of glass-ceramic.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2014
Quality – Signed and sealed
SCHOTT became the first manufacturer of fireplace viewing windows to receive the TÜV PROFiCERT seal for its ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing windows manufacturing process.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2013
Wine and Fire to Enjoy
ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels enhance the enjoyment of a dual chamber fireplace at the Chain of Ponds Winery in Australia.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2013
A dream comes true
Visitors to the exhibit at the ”Vision House” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida are exposed to ”green” living.
Fire in a new dimension
A special bending technology allows for multiple angular shaped
ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels made of only a single piece.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2012
Natural Power? - Yes, Please!
SCHOTT ROBAX® calls for more ecological use of wood as a valuable source of energy.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2009
Getting Greener
SCHOTT is systematically expanding its ecological commitment by offering environmentally friendly products.

Design for Flaming Experiences
Robax® glass-ceramic viewing panels offer plenty of ways to design fireplaces in a creative manner.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2007
Piezo Glass Ceramic
A Material Generates Voltage and Movement

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2006
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Temperature Marvel With a View

Heating Furniture from Denmark

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