HelioJet SpectrumCC

Colorful and homogeneous

HelioJet SpectrumCC with active Color Control - all LEDs (red, green, blue, white) are permanently monitored and controlled via sensor technology that eliminates color shifts from aging LEDs and creates an unparalleled homogeneous cabin interior light performance. 

HelioJet SpectrumCC enables almost unlimited designs for mood lighting with 16 million different color shades.


Smart LED cabin lighting

HelioJet is a new and unique LED lighting technology.  It utilizes only about 20% of light diodes. Together with an optical light converter HelioJet technology leads to significant improvements in performance, reliability, maintenance and costs:

  • Homogeneous light pattern – no “hot LED spots”, better binning
  • Constant high light stability
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) > 50.000 operating hours
  • Less waste, repair of single modules is possible

HelioJet White

Unmatched homogeneous illumination

Constantly homogeneous light with only two LEDs due to fiber optic technology.
No "dot effects", less LEDs - less maintenance.

HelioJet SpectrumCC with Active Color Control

About HelioJet

HelioJet White is EASA STC approved



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