Wafer inspection

What is the main component of your flat screen TV, your blue ray player and your laptop? All devices consist of a multitude of micro electronic elements that work together via electric circuits. To realize these miniature circuits thin slices of semiconductor material are used, so called wafers.

The finished wafers are illuminated with light from an external source. The reflected light is then analyzed, allowing an automatic wafer inspection. The linear and homogeneous illumination of the inspected surface with light from different angles allows to detect defects on the entire wafer surface in a single field of view, thus reducing the inspection time.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a wide range of LED and optical fibre based light sources for a fast, reliable and secure inspection of wafers as well as other sensitive surfaces.
Extreme ultraviolet technology (EUV) represents a groundbreaking technological change in microchip production. ASML, the leading manufacturer of photolithographic systems for the semiconductor industry, has begun serial production of its EUV wafer scanner family, the ”TWINSCAN NXE” series, and will ship the first system later this year. SCHOTT will provide components and know-how.

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