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SCHOTT照明与影像事业部中的光纤产品在地井、过滤器、干燥器及管道火花识别中发挥着重要作用。如果在 加工木料或面粉等物质过程中产生火花,光纤会将该火花传递给一个外部检测器,然后检测器就会开启灭火器,之后该系统会自动关闭以免造成任何破坏。 我们的热熔合 柔性光纤可以在最高350℃的恶劣环境下进行火花识别,这拓宽了应用的范围。
SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging light guides play an important part when it comes to spark recognition in silos, filters, dryers and pipes. In case a spark occurs during the processing of substances like wood or flour a light guide transmits the spark to a external detector unit which in turn activates a fire extinguisher. The system is then automatically shut down to prevent any destruction. Our hot-fused flexible light guides allow spark recognition in harsh high-temperature environments up to 350°C, thus broadening the spectrum of applications.
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