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In 1884 the chemist Otto Schott, the optician Ernst Abbe and the engineer Carl Zeiss, with his son Roderich Zeiss, laid the foundation for the modern science and technology of glass. Together they founded the Schott & Associates Glass Technology Laboratory (Glastechnische Laboratorium Schott & Genossen), which later became the Jena Glassworks Schott & Associates (Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Genossen) and revolutionized glass production at that time.
With the founding of the SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH on 1 April 2009 as a legally independent unit of the SCHOTT technology group, SCHOTT has concentrated the competence and expertise in the field of technical special flat glass. In so doing, SCHOTT TGS has taken over large parts of the former Jena Glass Works . It now employs a staff of 300 in Jena and has at its disposal the personnel resources of over 30 sales offices worldwide.


The core competence of SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions (TGS) lies in the development, production and processing of highly stable and extremely thermal-resistant special glass. The product portfolio includes floated and rolled borosilicate glass for a wide variety of applications from fire protection, optics, medical technology and photovoltaics through to lithium-aluminosilicate and aluminosilicate glass for new markets in the electronic industry and transport technology. Leading product brands of SCHOTT TGS include BOROFLOAT®, PYRAN®/PYRANOVA®, SUPREMAX® or NEXTERION®.


We serve our customers as partners and advisors in all questions related to glass properties, melting and production technologies as well as refining processes. Our special strength lies in customized glass development and applications. We develop special glass types right here in our production facilities and make them ready for the market for our customers. We don’t just deliver glass, we deliver finished brand name products.

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