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SCHOTT wins Crystal Cabin Award for its innovative interior sidewall window panes in passenger aircraft

Laminated glass composite made from Xensation® Cover glass is superior to traditional plastic-based windows

Hamburg & Jena (Germany), April xx, 2014 – The international technology Group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT has won the Crystal Cabin Award in the category “Materials & Components” for its laminate made from Xensation® Cover glass to be used in interior sidewall window panes in passenger aircraft. SCHOTT is the first company to offer a product that meets all requirements of fire protection and mechanical reliability, and which is lighter than traditional plastics-based sidewall window panes in aircraft interiors.

At BiOS SCHOTT to present a variety of glass substrates for use in biotechnology

Specialty glass and in-house micro-structuring technology for top quality substrates / NEXTERION® products now also pre-scribed to final format
San Francisco, CA & Mainz, Germany, January 30, 2014 – The international technology group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT offers a broad portfolio of glass substrates with customized features for use in the growing field of life sciences, for instance, microfluidics and next-generation sequencing. The glass types D263® T eco, MEMPax®, BOROFLOAT® and B270®i offer the customer a choice between different product characteristics and material
thicknesses to best suit the needs of the individual applications.

SCHOTT in Jena celebrates 20th birthday of the special technical glass BOROFLOAT®

World’s first production line for floated borosilicate glass went into operation in Jena in 1993 / Successful product for a broad range of applications
Jena (Germany), November 4, 2013 – The international technology group SCHOTT is celebrating a milestone anniversary: the world's first microfloat facility for manufacturing floated borosilicate glass was put into operation on November 2, 1993. The advanced high-tech glass BOROFLOAT® is used all over the world in a wide range of different applications, including fire resistant glazing, safety glazing for armored limousines, lighting technology, the internal pane of pyrolysis ovens and optical filters.

SCHOTT presents its innovative safety glass at expert summit in Jena

New high-performance glass products offer protection against fire and ballistic attacks / Fire protection a core business at founding site for 35 years now
Jena (Germany), October 24, 2013 – The international technology group SCHOTT invited representatives of the German Federal Police Office, State Criminal Police, the Central Council of Jews and safety engineers from the industry to present its bulletproof fire resistant glass products at an expert summit held yesterday. Thanks to its expertise in the area of fire resistant and bulletproof glass, SCHOTT ranks as one of the world's leading companies. The site in Jena that SCHOTT was founded at has been manufacturing fire resistant glass for 35 years – a business that helps to secure the future of the site.

Sony DADC and SCHOTT Develop Glass-Plastic Hybrid Cell Imaging Slide

The highly robust and ultra-flat glass-plastic hybrid chip enables high resolution cell imaging and is highly attractive for confocal microscopy applications.
Salzburg (Austria) & Jena (Germany), October 7, 2013 – Sony DADC BioSciences, the world leader in the manufacturing of microstructured polymer products, and SCHOTT AG, an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glass, materials and advanced technologies, have pooled their expertise to develop a novel glass-polymer cell detection slide for imaging of cells. The slide will be introduced to the public for the first time at the Biotechnica exhibition in Hannover from October 8 - 10, 2013, and will be the basis for a range of products based on the hybrid design.

New and even lighter SCHOTT RESISTAN®
laminates for better protection of vehicles

SCHOTT to expand its manufacturing capabilities for protective laminates thanks to solid order backlog
London, United Kingdom / Jena, Germany, September 10, 2013 – The international technology group SCHOTT will be presenting its latest generation of even lighter protective
laminates for military vehicles at DSEi in London (booth S7-170). The company has reduced the weight of its RESISTAN® laminates by another 10% in the most common AEP 55 protection classes of by using new types of special glasses in the laminate construction. Furthermore, due to the solid order situation in the area of civilian vehicle protection, SCHOTT has decided to expand its protective laminate manufacturing capabilities at its site in Jena, Germany.
Extremely hard display glass:
SCHOTT Xensation® Cover

SCHOTT manufactures what is now the hardest cover glass available for cover and touch
applications in Jena

Jena, October 6, 2011 – The international technology group and special glass manufacturer SCHOTT introduced its new cover glass for touch panels to the German public today in Jena. SCHOTT Xensation® Cover is the name of this extremely hard cover and touch glass for use in smartphones and tablet PCs. It is currently considered to be the hardest product of its kind on the market.
Hard Beyond Comparison

The ultra-hard display glass SCHOTT Xensation® Cover makes touch panels even more

Hardly a day goes by when even the daily papers don’t report on them: smartphones and tablet PCs that feature touch functions are the new darlings of our electronic world. ...
SCHOTT Introduces New Brand Family of Touchscreen Glasses

SCHOTT’s new family of Xensation® products offers solutions for all touchscreen applications

May 11, 2011 (Mainz, Germany) – Whether it be a smartphone, tablet PC, computer monitor, notebook, or navigation system, the desirability of such consumer electronics is greatly enhanced by having a touchscreen interface. There are a number of different touchscreen
technologies available, and SCHOTT is the only technical glass manufacturer that can offer a family of touch panel glasses that can meet all the requirements of the touchscreen market.
Touching Allowed

SCHOTT is the only manufacturer that offers special-purpose glass for use with all cover and touch technologies under its new umbrella brand Xensation®.
Striving to Set New Records

China has one main motto when it comes to expanding its gigantic railway network: high speed. But the window glass used in these super express trains also needs to be able to stand up to this. A job for SCHOTT® LAS80.
Certifiably Environmentally Friendly

SCHOTT has now successfully achieved Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Certification for Pyran® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramic in the United States.
On the Way to Customized Cancer Therapy

SCHOTT Nexterion® nitrocellulose-coated glass slides play a key role in developing new diagnostic tests for the personalized treatment of cancer.
Schlanke Bodyguards aus Glas

Unter diesem Titel veröffentlichte SCHOTT TGS einen Artikel zur Kombinationsverglasung für Brand- und Einbruchschutz mit Laminaten!
Mehr Kapazitäten für neue Chancen

SCHOTT TGS bündelt Know-how für technische Gläser und visiert Zukunftsanwendungen an.
Mit dem Ausbau der Schmelzwanne 8 hat SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions (TGS) seine Fertigungskapazitäten nahezu verdoppelt. ...
Auch im Brandfall absturzsicher

Absturzsichere Brandschutzverglasungen mit SCHOTT. Für den zusätzlichen Nachweis der Absturzsicherheit können aufwendige Prüfungen und Gutachten erforderlich sein. Vorgeprüfte Gläser erleichtern diese Prozedur.
Glass Bodyguard for Sparky´s Heroes

The world’s first transparent glass-ceramic has now been produced with the microfloat process. Pyran® Platinum holds all the trump cards for use in the North American fire protection market.
At Eye Level with Asia

SCHOTT´s Customer Technical Service Centers are proving to be competitive motors for product development.
The successful introduction of cover glasses for touch panels is only one example.
Formbar auch bei niedrigen Temperaturen

SCHOTT® LAS80: Extrem kratzfestes und bruchsicheres Glas für Cover- und Touchpanels.
Neue Spezialgläser zur BAU 2011: SCHOTT PYRAN® secure und SCHOTT PYRANOVA® secure

Auf dem Messestand für Architekturlösungen aus Glas von SCHOTT können Besucher der BAU 2011 nicht nur beflammte oder beschossene Handmuster der „secure“-Reihe begutachten. Sie dürfen die gläsernen Bodyguards auch selbst mit Hammer und Meißel im Glas-Separee auf die Probe stellen.
Glass-Ceramic: Steps to Achieving C2C Certification

Sustainability and life-cycle analysis (LCA) are becoming increasingly important as consumers and industry leaders want the facts to back-up environmental claims. SCHOTT continuously looks for ways to meet customers demands for environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes.
Magic of microfloat

Process offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional glass-ceramic manufacturing.

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