Industry Innovation Award

Winner of the German Industry Innovation Award

Thinner than a human hair, exceptionally flexible, yet extremely robust: ultra-thin glass enables innovations in the electronics and semiconductor industries. A jury of industry professionals awarded SCHOTT with the German Industry Innovation Award within the large company category.
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Let’s rethink

By reinventing glass for the past 130 years, we enable our customers to create products that challenge existing expectations, change markets or simply improve their businesses. Click here to find out more!

Let's bring light to algae

By developing special glass tubing and couplings, we give algae producers the possibilty to have an ideal technical and economic solution for the construction of photobioreactors for algae cultivation. 
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Technology Magazine

Technology Magazine

Bendable glass as a trailblazer

Our ultra-thin glass shows no fatigue whatsoever even after many thousands of bending cycles. You’ll learn more about what this flexible material can do and the innovations it enables in smartphones of the future, for instance, in the new issue of our technology magazine, which, by the way, has even more interesting stories to tell on research and technology. We hope you enjoy reading these!
Technology Magazine
The fascinating flexibility of glass

Revolutionizing design

Would you like to watch your breakfast toast turn brown? The high-tech glass-ceramic called NEXTREMA® makes this possible. With it, SCHOTT transforms appliances into “must have” design objects, while offering high strength. The material combines a number of sophisticated technical characteristics that glass and ceramics are known for in just one material. And offers special design freedom.
As Clear as Water

As Clear as Water

The US company Clearas has developed a biological, algae-based method by which water can be purifi ed for reuse and, at the same time, valuable biomass as a byproduct can be obtained. Photobioreactors that contain glass tubes demonstrate their ability to perform in a test facility. The balance sheet is rather impressive: By using the new method, phosphorus can be reduced by a factor of 10 and nitrogen by a factor of 3 compared with conventional technologies.
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Trade fair 66th Electronic Components and Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 31.05 - 03.06.2016
Trade fair Jahrestagung des Deutschen Museumsbundes, Kaisersaal Erfurt, Germany, 08.05 - 11.05.2016
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