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By reinventing glass for the past 130 years, we enable our customers to create products that challenge existing expectations, change markets or simply improve their businesses. Click here to find out more!
Annual Report

Annual Report 2014/15

At the company’s Annual Results Press Conference on 19 January 2016 the SCHOTT Group’s Annual Report and Annual Overview 2014/2015 were released.
Both of them are available online as ePaper and download.
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the second earth.

By producing glass ceramic mirrors with extremely low thermal expansion, we enable astronomers to look more precisely into space than ever before.
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Opens as if by magic

Opens as if by magic

Innovative door system “Smart Access” for greater convenience in supermarkets

Sensor-controlled doors that silently open and slide to the side as if by magic: "Smart Access" offers barrier-free access to food in the refrigerated section. 
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Let‘s help medical experts see more.

Providing doctors with high-end equiment is a real challenge. A challenge we help our partners rise to with customized lighting and imaging solutions. Our fiber optics and LED technologies constantly redefine the boundaries of innovation, helping to deliver deeper insights.
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Technology Magazine

Technology Magazine

How glass electrifies

It’s the know-how of specialized companies like SCHOTT that allows for the fascinating material of glass to be constantly reinvented. Glass can take on a wide variety of different properties and functions. For example, our experts are already developing innovative solutions made of glass and glass-ceramic for use in future energy applications such as fuel cells or batteries for electric cars, for instance. But glass also electrifies in other fields. Read more about it in the latest edition of “solutions.”
Technology Magazine
SCHOTT Sees Sales and Annual Results Climb

Bendable glass for technical innovations

Glass can be bent to a radius of only a few millimeters – without even showing fatigue! SCHOTT manufactures ultra-thin glass up to a thickness of 50 micrometers for product developments. Glass experts are already working on glass film that is only 10 micrometers thick. Ultra-thin glass is well suited for future applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries, such as technological innovations in smartphones, whether it’s for bendable OLED displays, camera filters, fingerprint sensors, thin-film batteries or microchips. View our latest video to learn more.
How Glass electrifies the Energy Landscape

How Glass Electrifies the Energy Landscape

The glass experts at SCHOTT are already developing solutions for the energy landscape of the future. After all, this material is indispensable in many interfaces – and the possibilities are far from being fully realized. Whether it's in high-temperature fuel cells, high-performance lithium ion batteries, future generations of batteries for electric cars with longer ranges or switching elements and capacitors for use in high-voltage technology, glasses and glass-ceramics from SCHOTT enable electricity to flow and thus help to shape the energy turnaround. See our new video and article!
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