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Open your doors to SCHOTT Assembly systems expertise and gain access to new cost-effective solutions of technologies such as foam-in-place gasketing and adhesive fastening without the need for high capital investment in dispensing equipment. SCHOTT offers single component, two component, or other fast curing product solutions, fitting all kinds of customer requirements.
Sealing and adhesive fastening
SCHOTT Assembly Systems applies advanced material solutions for open seal assemblies. Through in-depth experience with numerous different materials SCHOTT can select and support the best adhesive solution for each situation based on customer requirements of strength, reliability and cost. SCHOTT Assembly Systems partners with a variety of adhesive sources and determines the material choice by extensive tests in our independent in-house evaluation laboratory.
Laboratory services
SCHOTT exercises adhesive research and development in the in-house evaluation laboratory.
Apart from agency evaluations (UL, ASTM), SCHOTT contributes with design support and failure analysis to the successful performance of your product. Furthermore, the six-axis dispense system offers unique opportunities for the development of prototypes.
Form and foam-in-place gasketing
SCHOTT Assembly Systems is a provider of advanced gasket solutions. Directly applied form-in-place gaskets are used for sealing purposes in numerous environments. Various simple cross sectional shapes of the gaskets are possible.
Directly applied foam gaskets provide a more flexible seal than most standard gaskets. As a result of their higher performance and lower labor intensity compared to conventional “peel and stick” methods, foam-in-place gaskets increasingly replace this traditional approach. Apart from lower labor and material costs, the foam-in-place technology offers potential for significant assembly cost reduction because SCHOTT dispenses the material directly onto the part.
SCHOTT Assembly Systems has capabilities to process several two component silicone foams, with or without air enrichment.
With proper design, these gaskets adjust to fill the gap between mating components. SCHOTT uses foams, which show excellent bonding characteristics to most any surface, such as plastics, metals or glass, and are highly moisture resistant. SCHOTT provides multiple softness or durometer variations available. With SCHOTT's advanced dispense systems, dispensing to complicated 3D shapes or forms are also possible.
Adhesive coatings
SCHOTT applies very thin surface coatings, ~0.010 or greater.
These coatings serve as very thin directly applied gaskets, noise dampening coatings on glass and other materials, protective layers, or as a structural bonding/sealing agent.
Subassembly and sub-tier management
SCHOTT analyzes your current subassembly processes and determines the best advanced sealing, adhesive fastening and gasketing method to replace older, more expensive and less efficient methods. Increasingly, SCHOTT partners with companies to take on the procurement of many components, the creation of subassemblies, as well as the inventory management and the just-in-time delivery of these subassemblies.
Adhesive Sales and Distribution
SCHOTT distributes silicone adhesives with a variety of different formulations and applications. Describe the specific use and function of your application and SCHOTT will recommend a specific adhesive for your needs with the help of our lab facility.



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