SCHOTT® See Clear Be fascinated by stylish mirror effects

Mirror effects on glass surfaces allow the design of an elegant and stylish look of appliances in kitchens, at home or for any other  application. The  SCHOTT® See Clear Technology enables the combination of reflective areas, lines or logos with transparent or colored areas within one panel. Digital displays with excellent view to flexible information can be placed within mirror-coated glass panels, or highlighting a brand in elegant mirror effect on a glass panel is now feasible. Even fancy 3D effects are possible by printing symbols on the rear side while showing design elements in mirror optics in the front. In addition, you can hide the inside of a device with a mirror during an off status and show the inside when illuminating the area behind the mirror.


  • Freedom of design with mirror optics
  • Allows elegant appearance with mirror effects
  • Clear and excellent view to digital displays on control panels 
  • New fancy 3D-aesthetics possible (e.g. floating mirror graphics or brand name)
  • Allows family design for a complete range of kitchen and living  devices (cooker tops, baking oven windows, hoods….)
  • Many kind of patterns and designs feasible: lines, circles, areas, dots and many more


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