Stay cool with high-performance glass

SCHOTT® Energy Double glasses are outstanding heat reflective inner door glasses that help to save energy and to reduce the front temperature of oven doors. Improved coatings help you achieving these effects much easier. The emissivity of these coatings are extremely low and help to keep the outside temperatures at the required level, even if the oven cavity achieves high temperatures.
SCHOTT has developed several double coated glasses for conventional as well as for pyrolytic ovens.

Benefit from high-performance coatings:

• Easy compliance with UL standards
• Less complex oven door construction possible 
• Differentiate your oven with a “cool door”
• Facilitate large oven door windows

SCHOTT® Energy Double is available in 4 versions:

• SCHOTT Energy Double N
• SCHOTT Energy Double High
• SCHOTT Energy Double Ultra

**recommended for extra wide ovens or for oven doors with big windows

We support you to find your best glass configuration for an oven door:

Before final definition of an oven door design you can take advantage of our test services. An expert team could check the thermal performance by testing various glass positions of SCHOTT® Energy Double glasses within your oven door. You can choose between in-house testing in your company or testing at the laboratory of SCHOTT Gemtron.

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