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SCHOTT to raise the bar again for TO packages
Realizing new high-speed optical component designs with high performance TO headers and caps Больше


SCHOTT celebrates 75th site anniversary
The special glass expert manufactures high-tech electronic components in Landshut / Attractive employer in the region Больше


Biocompatible glass protects sensitive microchips
The technology group SCHOTT is the only company that manufactures biocompatible glass tubes for animal transponders at its site in Landshut Больше


SCHOTT to present its broad range of products for use in medical technology at Compamed
Focus on PURAVIS® optical glass fibers, RD 50® Radiation Shielding Glass, autoclavable housings and Solidur® LEDs Больше


Двойное уплотнение для максимальной надёжности
Благодаря уплотнению, выполненному из двух независимых элементов, кабельные проходки SCHOTT Eternaloc® отличаются не только компактной конструкцией, но и чрезвычайной надёжностью. Больше


Real Dual Seal for Double Safety
Double-sealed SCHOTT Eternaloc® terminal headers offer two truly independent pressure barriers in a compact design. Больше


Superior salt spray resistance for hermetic glass-to-metal sealed housings
SCHOTT develops specialized coating that provides improved corrosion protection Больше


Autoclavable housings for reliable encapsulation of medical electronics
TO and microelectronic packages from SCHOTT protect sensors and electronic components Больше


Autoclavable LEDs for medical devices
New SCHOTT Solidur™ TO LED in ceramic SMD design enables complex chip configurations in a single LED module Больше


For a bright smile: SCHOTT products for use in dental technology
SCHOTT to showcase its PURAVIS® rigid fiber rods, the new Solidur™ LED products as well as dental glass powder at the IDS show Больше


New autoclavable TO LED with customizable caps and glass lenses
The next SCHOTT Solidur™ LED design for medical devices is available Больше


The world’s first autoclavable ring-shaped High Brightness LED from SCHOTT
The new Solidur Ring LED for integration into the designs of dental and medical devices Больше


SCHOTT HermeS® Glass Wafers with Through Glass Vias for MEMS technology
For reliable and miniaturized packaging of sensitive MEMS devices in industrial, medical and radio-frequency applications Больше


Specialty glass unites people with technology
SCHOTT to present its glass products for use in display applications and its broad range of glass wafers at electronica Больше


SCHOTT to present its versatile portfolio for use in medical technology at COMPAMED
PURAVIS® optical glass fibers, RD 50® radiation shielding glass, and the world’s smallest autoclavable mini high-power LED on display Больше


Tiny & tough: The new SCHOTT Mini LED for use in dental and medical technology
The world's smallest hermetic, yet fully autoclavable High Power LED Больше


Hermetic high-frequency packaging from SCHOTT for applications up to 80 GHz
High-performance packaging with HTCC feedthroughs and microwave housings with optimized high-frequency connectors specially tailored to meet customer requirements

Landshut (Germany), October 6, 2014 – The international technology group SCHOTT, with its Electronic Packaging Business Unit that specializes in glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal seals, offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for use in high-frequency applications. High-frequency feedthroughs based on HTCC multilayer ceramic are extremely compact and allow for highly miniaturized assembly and connection technology for bandwidths up to 40 GHz. SCHOTT also offers microelectronic housings with customer-specific geometry optimized SMA, SMP and SMPM connectors, which, depending on the design, are even suited for high-frequency applications up to 80 GHz in special cases. These components are used in radar technology, satellite communications, astronautics and space exploration. SCHOTT will be presenting its range of packages and feedthroughs at the European Microwave Week in Rome from October 7 – 9 (booth 196).


SCHOTT expands its range of highly resistant sealing glasses for use in fuel cells
The broad range of high-performance sealants now also includes strontium- and barium-free glass solders for low- and medium-temperature SOFCs

Landshut, Germany, September 22, 2014 – The international technology group SCHOTT offers a broad range of sealing glasses for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). These glass solders help to hermetically seal cells and stacks that consist of metallic and ceramic compounds. They are used with nearly all types of fuel cells and provide significant advantages, especially for high-temperature SOFCs, due to their high resistance to heat. Strontium- and barium-free sealing glasses have now been added to the product line. These can be applied to metal alloys that contain a share of chromium and are thus also suited for use in low- and medium-temperature fuel cells. Sealing glass stands up to the harsh environmental conditions and high operating temperatures inside fuel cells and thus contributes to their durability. SCHOTT has been developing glass and glass-ceramic sealing glasses for use in fuel cell technology for 25 years and ranks as a world-leading manufacturer of glass solders. The company will be presenting its materials at the Asian SOFC Symposium in Busan, South Korea, from September 21 to 24, 2014.


Wide variety of glass and metal combinations from SCHOTT for long-term protection
SCHOTT offers a broad range of material combinations for use in hermetic glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealed packages – from titanium and aluminum to Monel and Inconel

Landshut (Germany), May 5, 2014 – The international technology group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT offers hermetic housings, made from a wide variety of materials, for the protection of sensitive electronics used in harsh environments. Sensors, for example, are used in numerous applications that function in demanding conditions. In order to reliably protect these sensors, various metals and alloys ranging from titanium and aluminum to Monel and Inconel can be used. In addition to glass-to-metal combinations, ceramic-to-metal seals are also possible depending on the compatibility of the coefficients of thermal expansion. The company has been active in this business for over 70 years and based on its broad know-how of material selection and combination, SCHOTT offers in-depth consultation to help customers achieve their desired product properties. SCHOTT will be presenting its product portfolio in the area of hermetic housings and feedthroughs at the SMT in Nuremberg from May 6-8. (SCHOTT booth no. 301 in hall 9).



Small component – big impact: SCHOTT Eternaloc™ electrical terminal headers securely feed LNG pumps with power
The Korean floating LNG facility Prelude trusts German engineering: SCHOTT Eternaloc™ terminal headers with glass-to-metal sealing technology have a 30-year track record of safety and maintenance-free performance in LNG applications Больше


SCHOTT’s High-Tech Electronic Packages Enable Maximum Speed Data Transfer in High-Frequency Applications
Detailed measurement data on HTCC feedthroughs for 100 Gbit/s QSFP transceivers and TO PLUS® 28 Gbit/s packages available Больше


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