HF-Scavenging Glass Powder

Product Description

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging has developed a special glass powder to absorb hydrofluoric acid. Due to its special composition, the inorganic glass powder particles can scavenge fluorine ions and chemically bind them to the glass particle structure.

This binding is irreversible as the fluorine ions are permanently inactivated which prevents the formation of hydrofluoric acid in systems with fluid or liquid electrolytes such as li-ion battery systems or capacitors.


Compared to standard separator coating materials, SCHOTT hydrofluoric acid scavenging glass powder provides several key benefits:

  • Significant increase in longevity and safety of lithium-ion batteries, EDLCs, and Supercapacitors (dependent on materials/chemicals used)
  • In case of thermal runaway, the hydrofluoric acid scavenging glass powder particles remain in place and protect the electrodes from contacting each other, preventing a short circuit reaction
  • The world’s first inorganic filler with hydrofluoric acid gettering function:
-Chemically resistant to electrolytes
-Electrochemically resistant even in high-voltage applications
-Temperature resistant up to several hundred degrees Celsius
-Reduced abrasion in coating process due to lower hardness in comparison to ceramic materials


SCHOTT’s HF-scavenging glass powder is suitable as an additive for the separator, the electrode materials or as a coating on electrode materials in:
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) or Supercapacitors
  • May also provide benefits for other applications in which  hydrofluoric acid must be chemically bound

Technical Details


Glass powders are manufactured in two steps:

  • The raw glass is first melted in specially designed aggregates.
  • The glass is then ground into fine powders of different grain sizes.

HF-Scavenging Glass Powder:

Li-Ion Electrolyte HF-Scavenging Glass
HF-Scavenging Glass Material Data


For more information on the different quality assurance programs, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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