SCHOTT EP in Minakuchi, Japan

NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation, Japan


NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation is a joint venture company, established in 2000, between NEC in Japan and SCHOTT AG in Germany.

Products and Capabilities

In the electronic components fields such as glass-to-metal seals, thermal cutoffs and special glass, by optimizing the global know-how of the NEC and SCHOTT groups, NEC SCHOTT provides products and services that meet and even exceed our customers' requirements.

Key applications for these products include opto-electronics, home appliances, automotive, frequency control as well as various other high-tech uses.

NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation
3-1, Nichiden, Minakuchi-cho
528-0034 Shiga

For more information about our joint venture, please refer to the NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation website.
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