Nuclear Equipment Testing and Qualification Services

SCHOTT offers nuclear equipment qualification services complete with a full range of consultation and comprehensive customer care. This includes expert advice, preparation, and even complete execution of qualification tests and programs. We are qualified to develop test specifications and prepare documentation according to applicable international standards (e.g. IEEE, IEC, etc.).
With more than 40 years of in-house nuclear equipment testing experience, SCHOTT has the knowledge and expertise to take care of the complete process from A to Z. We offer either single services or an entire package comprised of the following:
  • Comprehensive advice and support on product design, technical calculations and simulations to verify that the designed product being tested will meet all application requirements and applicable standards
  • Preparation and complete execution of nuclear equipment testing and qualification programs/specifications, including arrangement of applicable third party witnessing in collaboration with TÜV, DNV, BV, and others
  • Complete execution of nuclear equipment test with an end result of a product that is qualified according to applicable standards
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