Over 500 naval vessels worldwide need to be at sea for long periods without refueling. To achieve this, they are often powered by small nuclear reactors. Most are submarines but they also include other naval vessels, ranging from civil icebreakers to aircraft carriers.
In order to control the reactor, cable penetrations safely conduct electricity through the fire-protective, pressure resistant and hermetically sealed walls of bulkhead compartment while – in cases of accidents –preventing steam, pressure and radioactivity from escaping.

The vital role these special ships play, the fact that the lives of the crew depend on its proper functioning, and the dangers inherent in a nuclear reactor underline the importance of product safety and quality for nuclear powered ships. This is especially critical in case of an accident.

Highest quality standards combined with leading engineering know-how have made us the first-choice partner for carriers and navies around the world.

A SCHOTT Eternaloc™ Electrical Penetration Module for submarines mainly consists of
  • A metal housing with sealed-in conductors
  • Two glass-to-metal-seal barriers (in compression technique)
  • Mating connectors, cabled according to customer specifications on demand
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