Electrical Penetration Assemblies for Nuclear Power Plants

Approximately 17% of all worldwide electric generation is produced by nuclear power plants. In these plants, a controlled nuclear fission is used as a high-energy source of heat to turn water into steam, which spins an electricity generating turbine.

SCHOTT Eternaloc™ - Small component. Big impact.

Nuclear power plant containment structures are entirely sealed off constructions designed to safely contain the nuclear reactor. In order to keep the radioactive high-energy source controlled, electricity is needed inside the containment structure to supply thousands of instruments, control panels, electric motors and many other electric and electronic devices.

SCHOTT Eternaloc™ Electrical Penetrations, based on Glass-to-Metal Sealing Technology, allow the safe conduction of electricity through the fire-protective, pressure-resistant and hermetically sealed containment walls of nuclear power plants. The performance of electrical penetrations is critical to running core functions within the reactor, and their seals must be strong enough to maintain the pressure boundary integrity of the containment vessel in all accident conditions. In case of an accident, these glass-to-metal sealed penetrations also prevent steam, pressure and radioactivity from escaping.

Eternaloc™ penetrations are sealed by non-aging glass that remains pressure- and vacuum-proof for many decades. All around the world, our glass-to-metal-seals have been proving their durability and reliability in power plants – maintenance-free – since the early 1960s.

A penetration module for nuclear power plants mainly consists of: 
  • A metal housing with the sealed-in conductors
  • The glass-to-metal seal (in compression technique)
  • Connections to tail cables (LOCA-proof sealed by shrinking tubes and or elastomer sealing)
  • Tail cables (length and type according to customers' specification)
  • Metal housing for protection and strain relief of the cable connections

Our latest generation penetrations use receptive modules with mountable connectors, which allow smaller construction sizes and easy installation at the site.

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