VivoTag® RFID Transponder Glass Tubes

SCHOTT VivoTag® transponder glass tubes are used to reliably encapsulate and protect sensitive RFID transponder devices. The main application areas include implantable transponders and bolus transponders for pet and livestock identification and tracking.  

Biocompatible glass tubes

SCHOTT VivoTag® transponder glass (also known as 8625) has been successfully used in animal identification for decades, making it the most proven material for implantable RFID applications. As an inert material with consistent chemical stability inside the body, the glass tube enables the required long-term functionality of the electronic components.

SCHOTT’s transponder glass 8625 was specially formulated and successfully tested to show excellent biocompatibility in animal applications (cytotoxicity, hemo-compatibility).

Small sizes, easy to process

SCHOTT VivoTag® transponder glasses are precision-cut glass vials available in customizable dimensions and lengths. The standard outside diameter of such vials ranges from as small as 1 mm up to 4 mm. Customers can choose the size to achieve an optimal balance between transponder dimensions and required RFID reading distance.

Transponder glasses typically have one sealed and one fire-polished end. Due to the high iron content of the glass, it can be sealed using a variety of light sources (e.g. Nd-Yag lasers).
SCHOTT’s focus on high precision and stable batch-to-batch quality enables our customers to benefit from optimal processability in production.

RFID tracking and identification

Apart from animal identification, VivoTag® glass tubes are also used in technical areas, such as RFID freight tracking and automotive applications, where the RFID transponders need to be reliably protected against harsh environments.

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