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06.06.2012, SCHOTT AG, Mainz (Germany)

SCHOTT and JDSU Introduce First Anti-Reflection Coating that Keeps Touch Display Devices Smudge Free

Mainz, June 05, 2012 – SCHOTT has successfully teamed up with JDSU, a leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry located in the US, to create the first durable anti-reflection oleophobic (DARO) coating. This combination provides a protective barrier against fingerprint smudges and other materials, finally enabling touch display devices with true anti-reflective coated cover glasses. The DARO coating will initially be used on interactive kiosks in public areas, casino gaming devices, and on marine and medical instrumentation equipment as well as on other technical displays.

Currently, anti-reflective coatings are the best way to enhance display contrasts in bright environments. But used on touch screen devices they cannot be touched without marking a coated surface with fingerprints, leading quickly to undesired visual appearance. The combination of coating technologies from SCHOTT and JDSU provides a durable anti-reflective coating that helps to make glass touch screens more rugged. There are currently no other products on the market, that provide manufacturers with a coating that can handle the combined stress of high volumes of touches and the chemical impact of finger prints, without rapidly degrading the surface or making it difficult to clean.

The availability of a super tough and super durable anti finger print coating, along with an anti-reflective coating has been requested for a long time and is now being offered by SCHOTT on its well-known material CONTURAN®, now available as CONTURAN® DARO glass.

„By combining our technology with JDSU’s expertise, we are able to provide a unique offering, that helps to set us apart“ says Marten Walther, Head of Application Engineering, plant Gruenenplan of SCHOTT Advanced Optics. „We are committed to provide a new high quality product, of which long term stress tests demonstrate clearly, that the new DARO coating will be very beneficial for our customers, especially for professional display applications“.

Currently SCHOTT has various customers worldwide who are already using CONTURAN® anti-reflective coatings in their display devices. The new DARO coating will create a seamless user experience for everyone and will extend the usage of anti-reflective products in high end touch displays.

Key features include:
• First coating available combining true anti-reflective and durable oleophobic characteristics
• Reduction of visual reflection by approx. 90%
• Provides ultra-rugged surface on touch display devices
• Coating resists more than 450,000 mechanical rubs.
• Prooven resistance to salt fog spray for more than 100 days.
• Chemically inert coating that resists stains
• Enabling high contrast displays even in high brightness environments
• Superior durability

The DARO coating will be available to JDSU and SCHOTT customers in North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more, please visit our CONTURAN® DARO webpage

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Picture No. 163233 and 163232: Substrate without (left) and with a DARO (durable anti-reflection oleophobic) coating (right), which provides a protective barrier against fingerprint smudges and other materials. Finally it is enabling touch display devices with anti-reflective coated cover glasses.

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