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11.11.2011, SCHOTT AG, Mainz (Germany)

Powerful LED light source for flexible use

SCHOTT extends “LEDgine 2” family of precision light guides to include a stand-alone version
SCHOTT LEDgine 2 LS as a stand-alone version.
SCHOTT LEDgine 2 LS as a stand-alone version.
Mainz (Germany), November 11, 2011 – A convenient stand-alone version of the efficient “LEDgine 2 LS” light source will be presented at COMPAMED for the first time. The second generation of SCHOTT’s “LED light engine” platform offers a strong luminous flux of 700 lumen. Its power consumption, on the other hand, is less than 30 watts.

Precise light points are of importance to many areas of medicine, in endoscopy, pathology, ophthalmology, or to examine the ears, nose or throat, for instance. Powerful light sources are needed to achieve excellent illumination when using fiber optical light guides with small diameters of less than 5 mm.

SCHOTT presented the second generation of its LED light engine (LEDgine) that now offers twice the light intensity or 700 lumen only this February. A compact stand-alone unit is now available in addition to a light source module for integration into OEM housings. The housing of the light source that weighs 1.6 kg features an integrated handle that allows for convenient mobility.

The device approved for medical applications offers flicker-free, bright light that can be changed in terms of its intensity from 0 to 100 percent. A low-noise axial fan and an electronic temperature control help prevent overheating and ensure safe operation and long service lives of the energy-efficient, high brightness LEDs.

“LEDgine 2 LS” comes with an external power supply that can be used anywhere in the world. It is equipped with a high-quality optical module as well as an integrated slide for optical insert filters with diameters of 28 mm. Interchangeable adapters allow for light guides with different input ferrule diameters to be used.

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Photo no. 135891. SCHOTT LEDgine 2 LS as a stand-alone version. Source: SCHOTT

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