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26.08.2011, SCHOTT AG, Hamburg and Mainz

Lufthansa Technik and SCHOTT sign agreement to cooperate on cabin lighting

Lufthansa Technik AG and SCHOTT AG have agreed to work together more closely on cabin lighting for passenger planes. A contract to this effect was signed by Andrew Muirhead, Director of Innovation for Lufthansa Technik AG, and Dr. Armin Plichta, General Manager of Aviation for the Lighting and Imaging division of SCHOTT AG, in Hamburg on August 25.
Conceived to be a "one-stop shop" strategy, the collaboration will cover the entire process chain, ranging from the design of lighting to manufacturing, installation and approvals, but also service over the course of the entire product lifecycle. Lufthansa Technik will concentrate on the area of lighting control, approval and validation and provide installation, maintenance, repair and upkeep services. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging will be contributing its expertise and experience in the area of lighting systems.

"We will now be able to offer many customers from owners of business jets to commercial airlines a complete package of services on cabin lighting. We are pleased to have found a partner such as SCHOTT who complements our own range of services just perfectly as an expert on lighting design and customized lighting solutions," Muirhead notes in explaining the rationale behind the collaboration.

"By cooperating with Lufthansa Technik, we will be able to assemble service packages that address the individual needs of both airlines and aircraft manufacturers. These will include functional lighting solutions for the cabin, such as ceiling, seat and emergency lighting. In addition, we are also developing effect lighting, for example, for daytime and night scenarios or meeting other special demands," Dr. Plichta adds.

The first product that the two firms are working on together is a unique new lighting technology. The combination of glass elements and light diodes culminates in an efficient light source that helps lower maintenance costs and extends the service life. This technology is designed for use in mood lighting scenarios that rely on the entire color spectrum, but also for purely white cabin lighting.

Lufthansa Technik AG With its home base in Hamburg, more than 30 subsidiaries and a staff of over 26,000, the Lufthansa Technik Group is the leading provider of worldwide aircraft-related technical services. Its six product divisions cover the entire service spectrum for modern aircraft, from line and base maintenance to overhauls and component support, engine and landing gear services, VIP & Executive Jet Solutions and supplementary services.

SCHOTT is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT ranks number one in the world with many of its products. Its core markets are the household appliance, solar power, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, transportation and architecture industries. The company is strongly committed to contributing to its customers’ success and making SCHOTT an important part of people’s lives with high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner and supporting its employees, society and the environment. The SCHOTT Group maintains close proximity to its customers with manufacturing and sales units in all major markets. Its workforce of around 17,500 employees generated worldwide sales of approximately 2.9 billion euros for the 2009/2010 fiscal year. SCHOTT AG, with its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.
Picture ID 105638: Partners on interior aircraft lighting: Andrew Muirhead from Lufthansa Technik (left) and Dr. Armin Plichta from SCHOTT.
Picture ID 105638: Partners on interior aircraft lighting: Andrew Muirhead from Lufthansa Technik (left) and Dr. Armin Plichta from SCHOTT.
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