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SCHOTT is a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems for 130 years to improve how people live and work.

High quality, durable, sustainable –
SCHOTT CERAN® brings high-tech and sophisticated design to any kitchen

Visit our new product website to learn more about the original that has been setting standards and trends in the kitchen for over 40 years.
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Inspiration through Quality

The world´s first floated borosilicate glass – Made in Germany with IQ
It is the unique sum of its properties that defines the success of our specialty float glass.
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Higher efficiency for pharmaceutical companies

adaptiQ™ is the first ready-to-use system for pharmaceutical packaging that allows for pharmaceutical vials to be freeze-dried, weighed or closed inside the nest. SCHOTT developed adaptiQ™ in close cooperation with filling line manufacturers to ensure that pharmaceutical companies can use this system at their current facilities, make more flexible use of production lines and lower their total operating costs.
Technology Magazine

Technology Magazine

How SCHOTT drives innovations

The “think tank” of the SCHOTT Group, the Otto Schott Research Center, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In the new “solutions” magazine, you’ll read about what material and product highlights had their origins here. Learn how ideas become innovations at SCHOTT and how we shape the future together with our customers. We wish you interesting reading!
Technology Magazine

KL 1500 HAL: Brighter than its predecessor

A new halogen cold light source from SCHOTT offers high performance in rendering colors and performing critical color measurements in stereo microscopy and macroscopy. Equipped with a 150-watt halogen cold light source, the “KL 1500 HAL” is considered the “flagship” among cold light sources: it not only offers a broad color spectrum, but also shines extremely bright. An additional optical system ensures that the light remains uniform and intense even with light guides that have smaller dimensions. The fan noises can hardly be heard. Furthermore, an LCD display also allows for processes to be monitored very easily and thus reproducible results to be achieved with industrial and bioscientific applications.
SCHOTT Flat Glass Smart Access

Open doors as if by magic

Now, supermarket customers can open the glass doors of refrigeration cabinets without even touching them. As soon as the customer’s hand approaches the glass door, it quietly slides to the side. This magical shopping experience is made possible by SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Access. Advantages: the automatic opening feature is convenient and hygienic, and the customer always has both hands free to remove foods. SmartAccess sets the stage for chilled foods in an experience-oriented manner and creates new buying impulses in food retailing.
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