Welcome to SCHOTT

SCHOTT is a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems for 130 years to improve how people live and work.

Getting Greener

With environmentally friendly products and technologies SCHOTT is strengthening its ecological commitment. Eco-glasses are being offered e.g. in the Home Tech and the Optics division, but also in the Electronics & Biotech segment. A lot more green products are under development or in the product pipeline.


Reduced tendency of delamination

For the first time ever, SCHOTT now offers pharmaceutical vials with a minimized risk of delamination. When delamination occurs, glass particles are released from the inner wall as a result of interaction with the medication. These new vials from SCHOTT reduce this risk because they have a much more homogeneous surface.

Technology Magazine

A variety of SCHOTT innovations

The latest issue of our technology magazine “solutions” discusses innovations our SCHOTT experts are developing, how they provide support for our customers as partners and how they are addressing tomorrow’s challenges today. Our broad range of products and materials opens up a wide variety of different topics ranging from the universe all the way to the nano cosmos.
Technology Magazine
SCHOTT Crystal Cabin Award

SCHOTT won Crystal Cabin Award

SCHOTT won the Crystal Cabin Award in the category “Materials & Components” for its laminated glass composite made from Xensation® Cover glass to be used in interior sidewall window panes in passenger aircraft. SCHOTT is the first company to offer a product that meets all requirements for fire protection and mechanical reliability, and at the same time is lighter than traditional plastics-based sidewall window panes in aircraft interiors. The product was developed in cooperation with the company Diehl Aircabin.
SCHOTT Borofloat

20 Years of BOROFLOAT® specialty glass

SCHOTT has marketed its floated borosilicate glass from Jena successfully for 20 years. SCHOTT delivers its customers with BOROFLOAT® specialty glass in standard formats. It also forms the basis for a wide range of products which the company processes at its site: from interior oven doors to the internationally known PYRAN® S fire-resistant glass, RESISTAN® bullet-proof glass, and NEXTERION® substrates for use in the biosciences.