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BOROFLOAT® 33 - Borosilicate glass

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BOROFLOAT® 33 - General Information
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BOROFLOAT® 33 - Thermal Properties
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BOROFLOAT® 33 - Optical Properties
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BOROFLOAT® 33 - Mechanical Properties

BOROFLOAT® The world´s first floated borosilicate glass –
Made in Germany with IQ

BOROFLOAT Thickness range
More than 20 years ago, SCHOTT set up the first microfloat production line for the manufacture of what would soon become one of the most influential specialty glass materials. The result was BOROFLOAT® – the world’s first floated borosilicate glass. With high-quality German engineering at its core, BOROFLOAT® quickly became an outstanding example of what seamless interaction between advanced know-how, innovative technology and professional curiosity – all in combination with the developmental drive of our team of experts – can deliver. The long-standing international success of BOROFLOAT® is what drives us to continuously improve. We work closely with our customers to offer high-quality solutions that help to unlock new markets and meet even the most technologically demanding material requirements. With BOROFLOAT® the key to it all!

More than just glass A material with unlimited potential

It is the unique sum of its properties that defines the success of our specialty float glass. Over the years BOROFLOAT® has made possible a multitude of innovative products across a broad spectrum of applications in research and industry. Its timeless versatility makes it one of the most attractive specialty glasses available. And there really is no end in sight as BOROFLOAT® continues to support customers in in their relentless pursuit for technological breakthroughs.
Our goal is to be the most professional and reliable partner for our customers to most effectively support the design and implementation of their ideas and innovations. BOROFLOAT® offers the ideal material requirements to achieve this. Its reliable and consistent quality, coupled with an outstanding versatility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated applications, make BOROFLOAT® a perfect specialty glass solution.


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