All rounder for your technical glass requirements - SCHOTT CONTURAN® overview

Technical glass from SCHOTT provides diverse protection for a range of different applications while being practically invisible.
Everywhere we turn in the modern world we come across glass with astonishing qualities: it’s becoming increasingly tougher, thinner and lighter. Glass continues to get better at protecting us from heat, the cold, ultraviolet light and infrared rays while being so transparent it’s almost as if it isn’t there.

Our experts can advise you according to your specific needs – for a range of applications such as, the medical sector, refrigerated shelves in supermarkets, touch applications, digital signage and lighting applications. From the wide spectrum of glass substrates, processing and finishing options, we can provide you with the right solution for your requirements.

Find out all about the full range of innovative products we have to offer!
Having a clear view: SCHOTT CONTURAN<sup>®</sup> for technical applications

Having a clear view: SCHOTT CONTURAN® for technical applications

Do you need an anti-reflective glass which provides minimal reflection while allowing an optimal transmission of light? CONTURAN® has demonstrated its worth on the market for more than 30 years in a multitude of variations and has an almost invisible appearance. It is perfect for applications such as displays for the medical and industrial sectors, for refrigeration and freezer appliances, and for lighting applications which require minimal disruptive ambient light and maximum light transmission.
SCHOTT CONTURAN<sup>®</sup> for technical displays

CONTURAN® times three: Standard, Magic & Grey

Anti-reflection, high colour rendering index, enhanced contrast effects – if these are your needs, then anti-reflection CONTURAN® Standard is the glass of choice. CONTURAN® Magic is based on an extremely pure substrate while also offering the level of light transmission required in lighting applications. CONTURAN® Grey, by contrast, uses grey glass to provide enhanced contrast in displays.


With CONTURAN® DARO, reflections, dirt and finger marks have no chance. The glass is the first to combine anti-reflection and oleophobic surface protection – ideal for professional touch displays.
CONTURAN<sup>®<sup> Tough: Uniquely tough

CONTURAN® Tough: Uniquely tough

CONTURAN® Tough is the only anti-reflective glass that has undergone chemical toughening. The product is ideal for mobile applications, for HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems and – in combination with our easy to clean coating (DARO) – for touch applications.
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