At a glance

Advantages of PYRANOVA®

PYRANOVA® special glass is a clear, laminated composite glass that is made up of several thin panes of float glass. A transparent, fire resistant layer that intumesces up in the event of a fire has been placed between the panes. When used in fire resistant glazing, PYRANOVA® special glass prevents the passage of fire, smoke and heat radiation. Due to its structure, the standard construction of PYRANOVA® special glass is protected from either side.

PYRANOVA® special glass when used as a component in fire resistant glazing meets the requirements of fire resistance classes EI 15 to EI 120, or EW 30 to EW 60. This glass is not only very popular due to its attractive design, but also because it reliably protects escape routes in the event of a fire.

Proven to be safe

PYRANOVA® provides outstanding safety during evacuation. The protective shield that PYRANOVA® creates in the event of fire protects against the radiated heat. This ensures a safe escape route and makes PYRANOVA® ideal for use on escape routes and staircases.

Areas of application


Whether fitted in timber or steel designs, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in cooperation with system partners develop doors with PYRANOVA® that have received international approvals.


Fire protective glazing is used to prevent fire from spreading vertically and horizontally thus protecting neighbouring structures from catching fire. ISO PYRANOVA® is suitable for all application areas with multi-functional requirements. This glass provides shading as well as thermal and noise protection. In cooperation with system partners, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH develops designs with PYRANOVA® that have received international approvals and are ideally suited for use in façades.


Transparent fire-rated partitions provide protection in case of fire while at the same time allowing day light to flow freely from room to room. Stairs and landings are protected elegantly yet effectively. PYRANOVA® fire reistant glass protects against the spread of fire, hot gases and smoke in the event of a fire. Even when exposed to maximum heat, PYRANOVA® provides thermal insulation thus enabling the safe evacuation of people from burning buildings.

Product types

PYRANOVA® for interior applications
PYRANOVA® for exterior applications


  • Enduring transparency and stability from -20 °C to 50 °C ambient temperatures
  • Fire-resistance classes: EI 30 - EI 120
  • Fire-resistance classes: EW 30
  • Good sound insulation values with low weight
  • In pendulum impact test according to EN 12600 Class 1(B)1 tested for shock and impact
  • Can be combined with other performance glasses
  • Protection against falling according to TRAV Categories A and C

Technical data

Product Rire Rating (acc.
EN 1350-2)
Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2) Light Transmission (%) Sound Reduction (dB)
PYRANOVA®EW E (W) 30 7 17 89 33
PYRANOVA®EW EI (F) 15 / EW 30 11 26 87 36
PYRANOVA® 30 EI (F) 30 15 35 86 38
PYRANOVA® 45 EI (F) 45 19 44 85 38
PYRANOVA® 60 EI (F) 60 23 55 87 41
PYRANOVA® 90 EI (F) 90 37 86 84 44
PYRANOVA® 120 EI (F) 120 52 106 74 42
PYRANOVA®EW EI (F) 15 / EW 30 10 24 87 36
PYRANOVA®EW EI (F) 20 / EW 30 14 32 86 38
PYRANOVA®30 EI (F) 30 19 44 83 38
PYRANOVA®45 EI (F) 45 / EW 60 19 44 85 38
PYRANOVA®60 EI (F) 60 27 61 86 41
PYRANOVA®90 EI (F) 90 40 93 83 44
PYRANOVA®120 EI (F) 120 54 116 74 44


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