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Typical Applications
SCHOTT offers active & passive laser glasses for high-power and ultra-short laser pulse applications. These materials run the gamut from neodymium-doped laser glasses for use as active laser media to ultra-stable glass ceramics for laser applications that require the highest possible precision.
In addition, aspherical lenses that are made from one of SCHOTT’s many different types of optical glass, e.g. “HT” & “HTultra” glass, are highly-resistant to laser beams.
Cylindrical lenses, on the other hand, with their spherical radii facing in one direction, allow for light to be focused in one axis and are therefore perfectly suited for laser projection applications as well as the 90° prisms used in lasers.
Due to their extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), ZERODUR® and ZERODUR® K20 can also be used as mechanical and optical components in high-power laser systems and diffuse reflectors for laser cavities.
Optical filters are used to protect lasers because of their high laser-blocking capacity and because they are almost independent of the angle.