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ZERODUR® TAILORED – success story to support our customers

Earlier this year SCHOTT Advanced Optics has introduced its well known ZERODUR® in two new versions of the expansion class 0 with much tighter CTE tolerances: ZERODUR® SPECIAL with a CTE of (0 °C, 50 °C) of 0 ± 0.010 ・ 10-6/K and ZERODUR® EXTREME with a CTE of (0 °C, 50 °C) of 0 ± 0.007 ・ 10-6/K, currently the tightest tolerance available in the market.

But even more remarkable was the introduction of ZERODUR® TAILORED, a special and unique version of ZERODUR® that can be modified to suit the temperature profile of a specific customer application.

Due to the extraordinary material know-how and knowledge, the comprehensive data and the experience in the production of ZERODUR®, SCHOTT is now able to transfer the information about the final application temperature profile - which differs significantly in the various application areas such as astronomy or lithography - into the production of ZERODUR®. A targeted and precise adjustment of the processes leads to the perfect material with a specific CTE and characteristics according to the requirements arising from the final usage of the material, a „TAILORED“ product enabling even better performance for our customers.

After launching the material to the market, SCHOTT has been travelling on a roadshow to introduce this new competence in close dialogue with our customers. The alive interest in ZERODUR® TAILORED, the beneficial discussions and the forward-looking questions showed the ZERODUR® team of Advanced Optics that the effort in this new development has been valuable and once again confirmed our position as „Your Partner for Excellence in Optics“. We understand our materials.

In course of the introduction of the material, renowned companies have already tested the material and finally specified ZERODUR® TAILORED. For any applications, where highest precision is the key, e.g. Lithography, ZERODUR® TAILORED will be of significant benefit for our customers.

If you need to have a material with zero expansion but are addressing an application which has not been considered yet, or if you would like to learn about this new material, contact us, and we will work together with you to find a solution.