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The plant in Grünenplan has been around since 1744 and officially became part of SCHOTT in 1952. In 2004, it was integrated into the Advanced Optics business unit and now serves as the Center of Excellence for thin glass manufacturing. By applying proprietary production processes, SCHOTT in Grünenplan is capable of offering a wide variety of different types of glass and optical materials in thicknesses of only 25 microns, the thinnest glass on the market today.

In addition to its thin glass manufacturing capabilities, SCHOTT in Grünenplan boasts outstanding coating capabilities to enable products such as CONTURAN®. This clear anti-reflective glass has already proven itself in many different cover applications. CONTURAN® DARO, on the other hand, represents a special version of this product that combines anti-reflective and oleophobic, i.e. anti-fingerprint properties for the first time ever - a breakthrough for a wide variety of touch applications.

Highlights & Key Products
  • Application of proprietary down-draw and up-draw production processes
  • Thin glasses like B 270® i, AF 32® eco, and D 263® in various versions
  • MEMpax® ultra-thin borosilicate glass (0.7 – 0.2 mm) with a fire-polished surface
  • Ultra-thin glass only 25 microns thick
  • Glass for wafers and substrates
  • Microscopy glass
  • Radiation shielding glass
  • Special coating capabilities (e.g. anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint)
  • Decorative- and restoration glasses
  • Approx. 450 employees