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Radiation Resistant Glasses


SCHOTT Advanced Optics offers a variety of radiation resistant glass types with different dispersion properties:
BK7G18, LF5G19, LF5G15, K5G20, LAK9G15, F2G12 and SF6G05. These glass-types are suitable for use in surroundings with high radioactivity.

Optical glass can be stabilized against transmittance loss caused by ionizing radiation by adding cerium to the composition. The added cerium changes the intrinsic color of the glass from white to a yellowish tint, while the UV-transmittance edge is shifted to a longer wavelength. Goal is, to optimize the cerium content in order to achieve high stability against radiation while keeping the initial coloring at a minimum level.

The radiation resistance differs with any glass type, whereas it can be extremely high for selected glass types such as BK7G18 and LF5G19.

Radiation resistant glass is provided in the form of cut blanks, pressings, rods as well as finished optical components. As SCHOTT does not guarantee its availability from stock, please contact us before placing an order. 

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