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Aspherical Lenses


Aspherical lenses have a complex surface profile. SCHOTT uses both CNC machining (Computerized Numerical Control) and MRF tooling (Magneto Rheological Finishing) techniques to manufacture these lenses in small and medium-sized quantities or for use in prototypes.

Due to their unique surface structure, aspherical lenses eliminate monochromatic aberrations (e.g. spherical aberrations) and therefore deliver superior overall image quality. They are being used to replace multi-spherical element assemblies more and more frequently because this reduces the total weight and enables a more compact design.

SCHOTT offers aspheres in various sizes and different materials and relies on two main polishing processes:

CNC machining and polishing

Precise pressing
These two basic polishing processes serve different products and markets:
CNC machining and polishing
Precise pressing
Quantity Prototypes, small to medium-sized quantities Broadscale production
Market Laser and industrial applications Imaging and lighting applications
Advantages High flexibility with design changes High volumes
Glass type All glass types, fused silica Low Tg glass
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