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By showcasing one of the most dynamic attributes of our ultra-thin glass technology, our compelling trailer makes it easier for customers to see the possibilities

SCHOTT Advanced Optics has recently expanded our ultra-thin glass portfolio, adding a new roll configuration to our existing sheet option. To best promote our exciting Roll2Roll technology, SCHOTT Advanced Optics has produced a new trailer that showcases our ultra-thin glass in action, which can be found on the Advanced Optics website ( and corporate YouTube channel (

The captivating trailer features a specially built demonstrator – an actual roll-off/roll-on device – that continuously feeds the 12 meter long, 50 micron, 500 mm width roll of ultra-thin glass along a looping path. Hosted by Dr. Elmar Günther, Global Business Development Ultra-Thin Glass, the trailer covers specific details on our latest innovation. This includes information about our standard roll configuration, which is a 50 micron thickness, 500 mm net width, with a length from 10 up to 500 m, and SCHOTT’s ability to produce various thicknesses and lengths based on customer requests. The Roll2Roll technology will enable customers to explore new production and product design possibilities, resulting in lower cost and faster throughput.

The trailer will be used as a marketing tool to educate customers and expand SCHOTT Advanced Optics’ ultra-thin glass business. “This trailer,” concluded Dr. Günther, “provides customers with something tangible – the real product being used in a modeled application. It’s a great resource for telling the ultra-thin glass story.”
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