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B 270® i product launch – new version of B 270® brings various advantages

For many years, SCHOTT has successfully delivered its B 270® crown glass to the market fullfilling its customers needs mainly for applications as microscopy slides or substrate.

Manufactured by a SCHOTT specific up-draw process, B 270® offers high stability with respect to solarization in combination with high transmission in the visible wavelength range. It has a fire-polished surface and high chemical stability and is available as sheets in various forms and thicknesses suitable for a variety of different market demands.

But besides delivering proven products, SCHOTT is constantly pushing its research and development efforts to enrich and adjust the portfolio in order to meet market demands and customer requirements.

This initiative and the request from the market to offer a material that is similar to B 270® but especially suited for Biotechnology and Bioscience applications were also reason for the development of B 270® i Flat Glass, a new version of B 270®.

Due to adjustments in the raw material selection and miniature but precise and targeted changes in the production process, B 270® i represents an improved version with higher chemical resistance, which makes it the perfect choice for Biotechnology applications. All other optical and physical properties are maintained. Additionally, there is no difference in the “white” appearance exhibited by B 270®. B 270® i is available in a thickness range of 0.9 mm – 1.65 mm.

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