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New Blue - SCHOTT extends Blue Filter Glass Portfolio

New Glass Type BG62 released

SCHOTT is offering one of the broadest portfolios of optical filter glasses with top quality and extraordinary optical performance.

Within this portfolio the “BG6x” series of the blue glasses being specifically designed for the application as IR-cut filter for digital cameras and camera phones, has been extended by the new glass type, BG62. Whereas the two already launched glasses BG60 and BG61 were designed especially for thicknesses of 0.3 mm, the new BG62 is a glass especially developed for applications using filter glasses with thinner thicknesses. BG62 has a 50% transmission value of approx. 644 nm for thicknesses of 0.21 mm for the infrared edge of the transmission curve. With this characteristic the BG62 is mainly following the BG60, but for applications with thinner filter glass being used.

Consequently the glass shows the same outstanding properties than the other glass types of this series withstanding severe climatic conditions and the extremely demanding damp-heat-test of 85% relative humidity and 85 °C. The filter characteristics can be further enhanced by using an additional coating to meet the most demanding specifications.

As a new additional supply form, SCHOTT is introducing thin matt plates having a thickness of 0.4 mm that will be presented to the market next year. SCHOTT is also offering other types of Blue Glass customized in their transmission performance to meet specific customer requirements and enable better customer orientated solutions.

All these efforts are aligned to our mission to improve the processing of Blue Filter Glasses for our customers and to create new ways of leveraging the benefits of this new material by offering new supply forms and customized solutions.

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