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Update: Optical filters can now be calculated much easier

The customer’s own light sources can be included in the calculation with optical filter glass

We have updated our tried and tested calculation program for optical filter glass. It is now possible to define not only standard light sources, but also the customer’s own light sources during color analysis of an absorption filter. This means you can calculate just the right color for the desired filter for any type of light diode. Thanks to an updated database and inclusion of new glass products, this useful helper will once again prove to be an indispensable tool in your everyday work.

The Online Catalog joined the tool in 2004. For most of SCHOTT Advanced Optics’ customers, this is the fastest way to find the right filter solution. The tool that SCHOTT developed on its own and continues to support can be downloaded as an Excel file. This format makes it possible to include customer requests in calculations, if necessary.

The program provides all of the data needed to find just the right volume filter to suit a specific application. Now, the transmittance factor, internal transmittance, extinction and optical density can be calculated for any filter glass thickness. Furthermore, new types of filters can be created by combining up to five filters. All of the internal transmittance data calculated can be copied out of the tool as a list.

The calculation program is available in the SCHOTT Advanced Optics Knowledge Center:
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