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Advanced Optics - News Flash 05/2014

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Glass from SCHOTT delivers brilliant extraterrestrial images of Comet Tschuri

Radiation-resistant optical glass from SCHOTT contributes to the success of the Rosetta mission

SCHOTT Advanced Optics is involved in the Rosetta mission on exploring Comet Tschuri (67P/Tschurjumow-Gerasimenko). We supplied specialty glass that delivers spectacular images of the comet inside the panorama camera. Four out of five lenses installed in each of the seven objective lenses used in the CIVA camera system of the Philae lander were manufactured from two different types of radiation-resistant optical glasses from SCHOTT.

“Thanks to our radiation-resistant optical glass, ten years of exposure to cosmic radiation have not impaired the performance of our lenses. Our special lenses ensure that the image quality is still excellent even following the long flight into space. It is an honor for us that our high-performance glass is being used in this mission,” said Dr. Ralf Jedamzik, Principal Scientist at SCHOTT Advanced Optics. The lenses used in the panorama camera were designed and built by FISBA OPTIK from St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Photo: © ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA. Link:

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