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SCHOTT in Penang, Malaysia
Processing of Optical Components & Wafers

SCHOTT Glass Malaysia was established in 1975 as part of SCHOTT Advanced Optics and quickly became one of the first multinational corporations in today’s "Silicon Penang".

Since then, SCHOTT Glass Malaysia has grown to become a leading manufacturer of extremely small or extremely large molded optical blanks and prisms for scanners, digital still cameras (initial phase), single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) and high-end projectors. Furthermore, this facility has been serving the rapidly growing optical markets in South-east Asia by offering high- grade components made of more than 120 different types of glass.
Today, SCHOTT Glass Malaysia is vertically integrated to offer products that range from pressed blanks and a wide variety of different processed color filters to optical assemblies. As a one-stop shop, this site is ideally suited to meeting its customer's needs.
In addition, it hosts a wafer-processing line for thin glass products and supports applications in areas such as medical technology, opto-electronics, and semiconductors, for example.

Highlights & Key Products
  • Capabilities in various value-adding processes such as pressing, milling, grinding, curve generation, tempering, polishing, coating, cementing, assembling, and many more
  • Offers various types of optical components
  • Structured wafers made of different materials in various dimensions
  • Approx. 550 employees
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