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SCHOTT in Mainz, Germany
Center of Excellence for ZERODUR®, Optical Materials & Processing

Founded in the early 1950s, SCHOTT in Mainz is not only home to the headquarters of the SCHOTT Group, but also the management team of Advanced Optics and other international key departments, like Sales for Europe, Quality Management, Marketing, and Logistics, are based in Mainz.

Moreover, Mainz is the lead site when it comes to Glass Melting and Research & Technology. In fact, most of the glass types are developed here.

In addition to its melting facilities for optical glass and various types of optical filter glasses, Mainz is also important for components and metrology. Furthermore, the Center of Excellence for ZERODUR® melting and processing is based here.

Highlights & Key Products
  • Base of management team of Advanced Optics
  • Home of international key departments of Advanced Optics (Quality Management, Logistics, Applications, Marketing, European Sales, etc.)
  • Research & Development center for optical glass, optical filter glass and ZERODUR®
  • Development, melting and processing of optical glass, optical filter glass and ZERODUR®
  • Approx. 250 employees
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