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SCHOTT in Duryea, PA, USA
Optical & Specialty Materials & Processing of Optical Components

SCHOTT in Duryea, the main site of SCHOTT Advanced Optics in the NAFTA region, opened in 1969. Duryea offers melting and processing capacity for optical glass, ZERODUR® and optical filters. Furthermore, chalcogenide glass is manufactured and processed into final components in Duryea to serve all relevant markets in the US and other regions of the world.

Duryea is also home of the center for Research, Technology and Development for all SCHOTT sites in the US. Extensive R&D work for business units such as Advanced Optics, Lighting & Imaging, and Electronic Packaging is done in Duryea. The development of laser glass in Duryea that plays an important role in world-renowned research projects like NIF or CERN represents one of our particularly impressive successes.

Highlights & Key Products
  • Laser glass melting and processing into final coated components
  • IR materials, chalcogenide production & processing into final coated and diamond-turned components
  • Polishing and coating of optical elements
  • Melting of optical glass and filter glass
  • ZERODUR® machining and finishing
  • Manufacturing of radiation shielding windows
  • Customized castings for use in art and architectural projects
  • Approx. 200 employees
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