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SCHOTT presents new Filter Catalog

Optical filters make up an important part of the product portfolio of SCHOTT Advanced Optics. With a wide variety of custom optical filter glasses and interference filters, SCHOTT offers solutions along the entire spectral range and utilizes its extensive range of experience and knowledge in producing and processing these products.

In order to share this knowledge and information in-depth with our customers, SCHOTT Advanced Optics has revised and completely redesigned its Optical Filter catalog.

Besides even more detailed descriptions of the excellent properties of all filters available, the content has been revised and now includes new sputtering capabilities such as magnetron sputtering or new filter glasses like BG61 & BG62, which have been especially developed for use as IR cut filters in difficult environments. Both filter types “Interference & Special Filters,” and “Optical Filter Glass”, are presented together in this catalog. Whereas a distinction is made in each case between the “Description” and “Properties” sections, the “Description” part focuses on explaining the respective filter range, while the “Properties” section covers technical details, tables and graphics.

These catalogs can be downloaded from our website effective immediately: You will also find further details here:, and if you would like to get in touch with us personally to share your thoughts, ideas and requests, we invite you to contact us at