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SCHOTT Advanced Optics keeps prices stable due to further process optimization

Prices of optical glass products either being lowered or kept at normal level

SCHOTT Advanced Optics, a division of the SCHOTT Group, is a recognized expert when it comes to manufacturing optical glasses. Advanced Optics has continued to grow over the last few years and today offers high precision components like prisms and lenses as well as special products such as IR materials and ultra-thin glass as thin as 25 μm.

Nevertheless, the origin and strength of our unit lie in manufacturing optical glass, whereby we regularly modify and expand our glass portfolio to reflect market developments and requests from our customers and re-examine our prices.

The prices of glass products are significantly affected by developments in the area of raw ingredients such as rare earths, energy, and logistics, for instance. In order to limit the influence of these factors, our production experts continuously work on optimizing our processes. However, during the course of the annual review of our prices in 2010, we were forced to make a few adjustments since the influences were too significant.

However, we have continued to optimize our production processes and , nearly two years later, would now like to pass on some positive results to our customers since we have managed to partially reverse the recent changes in prices despite the higher prices of various raw materials. For instance, the prices of glasses that contain rare earths were lowered by another 5% following a price reduction in May 2012 and have now reached a level that is more than acceptable, especially considering that lanthanum prices have remained at a relatively high level. In addition, we have managed to keep the price level of many of our glass products that are available only on demand stable despite lower purchase quantities.

Generally speaking, SCHOTT Advanced Optics is keeping its prices stable to express to its customers that working together and sharing an outstanding customer-supplier relationship provides the basis for the economic success of all parties.

We look forward to continuing our successful relationship. The new price lists are available upon request. Please send us an e-mail to Of course, you can also give us a call at +49 (0)6131/66-1812.